How Can I Buy an CD?

Baby I’m A Rich Man and Break Away are available. Request your copy by email.  Baby I’m A Rich Man, Face the Evil, Time Goes By So Fast, Break Away, Heart Fixed and Close Friends Never Leave are available at all gigs.

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Baby I’m a Rich Man

1. Rich Man Blues
2. Everybody’s Talkin’ (How Tough They Got It)
3. Break Away
4. I Choose Love
5. Bob Dellaposta’s 74th Dream
6. Necessary Evil
7. Spiritual Journey
8. I’m So Lonely Blues
9. He Wondered
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Past
11. Close Friends Never Leave

Face the Evil

1. Face the Evil v.2
2. It Ain’t Worth it No More (The Reefer Blues)
3. Now That the Past is Gone
4. I’m Your Dead Ex Husband
5. Is 4 (U)
6. It’s Almost Christmas
7. Just Give Me Some Peace
8. Born to Be a Bluesman
9. Fieldworker Blues
10. Face the Evil v.1
11. Let Me Be Me
Bonus Live Tracks
12. Everybody’s Talkin’ (How Tough They Got It)
13. Break Away

Time Goes by so Fast

1. Baby What a Fool was I
2. From New York to Nashville
3. Spanish Eyes
4. What It’s All About
5. I Choose Love
6. Cherish the Moment

Break Away

1. Break Away
2. Spirit Journey
3. Like It or Not
4. I Choose Love
5. King is Still King
6. Forgiveness is the Miracle
7. Baby What a Fool was I

Heart Fixed

  1. Best Life
  2. Cousins
  3. Crooked Politicians
  4. Johnny’s Song
  5. She Told Me She Loved Me
  6. Living by Faith
  7. Look All Around

Close Friends Never Leave

  1. Spying on Me
  2. Dyin’ Man Blues
  3. Close Friends Never Leave
  4. Anti-Protest Song
  5. Love Your Neighbor
  6. Black Rat
  7. Find My Shoes
  8. You Deserve True Love