How Can I Buy an CD?

Baby I’m A Rich Man and Break Away is available. Request your copy by email.  Baby I’m A Rich Man, Face the Evil, Time Goes By So Fast and Break Away are available at all gigs.

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About Baby I’m a Rich Man

1. Rich Man Blues
2. Everybody’s Talkin’ (How Tough They Got It)
3. Break Away
4. I Choose Love
5. Bob Dellaposta’s 74th Dream
6. Necessary Evil
7. Spiritual Journey
8. I’m So Lonely Blues
9. He Wondered
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Past
11. Close Friends Never Leave

Bob “Bobby D” Dellaposta:
Vocals: Tracks 1-5, 7-9, 11
Classical Guitar: Tracks 1-9, 11
Acoustic Guitar: Tracks 3, 9, 10
Electric Lead Guitar: Track 9
Harmonica: Tracks 1-9, 11
Tambourine: Track 4

Earl “Eli Pearl” Pratt:
Acoustic Lead Guitar: Tracks 1
Acoustic Guitar: Track 4
Electric Lead Guitar: Track 5
Acoustic Slide Guitar: Track 6
Drums: Track 11

Bryan “Ozzy” Osborne:
Bass Guitar: Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 11

Jeff “Helshammer” Helsinger:
Drums: Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6

N Dellaposta:
Electric Lead Guitar: Track 11
Electric Rhythm Guitar: Tracks 4, 6
Background Vocals: Track 4

Gary “Guitar” Williams:
Electric Slide Guitar: Tracks 2, 7

Melissa “Miss Lissa” Young:
Background Vocals: Tracks 3, 4, 9

Steve Falearous:
Electric Lead Guitar and Bass: Track 8

David Chamberlain:
Bass Drum and Tambourine: Track 8

Eric Neuhausser:
Tenor Saxophones: Track 1

All songs written, performed and produced by Bob Dellaposta (with a little help from my friends). Special thanks to all the musicians & friends who contributed their special magic to this project. Recorded at Babblefish Studios in Franklin, OH, by Steve Falearous. Mastered at Colossal Mastering in Chicago, IL by Dan Stout